Review: Peggle Nights

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Entering the first dream

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Earn awards by scoring really high

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A rather spooky level

General Information

Genre:Puzzle ESRB Rating:E - Everyone
License:Commercial My Rating:Children (6+)
Played on:Martha, Thaddeus
Available from: Origin, Steam

Game Overview

If Peggle had been released in today's online gaming community, then Peggle Nights would likely have been released as a DLC expansion instead of being marketed as a sequel. After all, this is largely just a collection of new Peggle levels.

The first game introduced us to the Peggle Masters, and had us play a few levels with each one to acquaint us with their talents and abilities. Peggle Nights follows the same formula, only this time we're exploring the dreams each of the Peggle Masters are having. Towards the finale, we encounter the dreams of a squid that wishes she was one of the great Masters, and her special ability is added to the growing roster.

Overall, if you enjoyed the first Peggle game, you should enjoy the challenge brought by this one, but I would recommend playing them both in order to follow the development of the characters.


75 core levels
The adventure mode features five levels for each Peggle Master and an additional five "Master Levels" to challenge your skills. Since a new Peggle Master has been added, this story has a few more levels than the original adventure.

New Peggle Master
With a new character comes a new skill to use in your games. In this case, it's a guided lightning bolt that takes out every peg between your ball and the bucket. Careful aiming can easily wipe out dozens of pegs, so it may prove rather useful.

Bonus challenges
If you're interested in some extra challenges, there are unlockable challenge levels for you to try. The last page of these challenges are a "spring bonus" set, featuring a cameo from Popcap's popular Plants vs Zombies franchise.

Earn awards by doing well
While they aren't formal achievements, you can earn awards by scoring unusually high in a single level. Collecting them all will require some real Peggle mastery.

New Game Plus
As in the last game, completing every level earns you the ability to replay the game with the option of selecting your preferred ability at the beginning of each level. Chosen well, this may help you earn those awards!


Less story content
Chances are, you aren't really playing for the bits of dialogue that happen between levels. But, for those that like these intermissions, the second playthough is disappointing because, unlike the second round of the first game, it does not feature new dialogue.

Concerns and Issues

Magical creatures on the roster again
All of the Peggle Masters from the first game are back again, so this naturally means we're playing a game with talking unicorns, dragons and other fantasy creatures. It's not really a huge deal compared to the other issues, but it's worth mentioning for completeness anyway.

Very mild violence
While the stories have no real impact on the gameplay, they do influence the background images and two of the dreams feature a small amount of violence. Bjorn the Unicorn dreams of being a superhero, and as one might expect, this means that he'll eventually take justice into his own hooves. Along the same lines, Claude dreams of becoming a Godzilla-style monster that wanders around Paris.

Astral Projection
In Tula's dreams, she uses astral projection to go exploring through far away lands. The problem here is that astral projection is a type of mild occult practice. While most people would consider it fictional, there are some that believe it's real, and like other forms of mystical practices, this isn't something Christians should be playing with.