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Review: Blueberry Garden

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Quick Information

Rating: Pretty Fun
Gore & Brutality Magic Sex Civility Religion
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Additional Notes
Linux version available!
Age Rating Suitable for everyone
License: Commercial
System used: Martha
Available From: Steam

Game Screenshots

Snails and birds block the route

That's enough drips for today

Where the blue moose roam

General Notes

Blueberry Garden is a small indie game that you probably haven't heard about. It's pretty easy to overlook this game, but it's worth trying out if you like short games that focus on exploration and imagination.

Story Summary

In this surreal world filled with odd trees, birds, snails and blue moose that wear sunglasses, something has gone wrong. A giant faucet located far up in the sky has sprung a leak! Now there is a never ending stream of water pouring into the world, slowly flooding it.

It's up to you, a little bird person, to find enough objects to create a tower high enough to allow you to reach the faucet and turn it off. But, why stop at the faucet in the sky? Since the leak is plugged, the water will drain and you'll have all the time you want to explore the world looking for more objects to take you to a higher goal: the Moon!

Gameplay Summary

Blueberry Garden is a typical platformer, though there are a few twists to the usual controls. Using the arrow keys to move about, you can also pick up various things by pressing DOWN near them, eat the fruits you're holding by pressing ENTER, and jump by pressing SPACE. Once you're airborne, you can begin to fly by pressing SPACE again. If you ever need to return Home, hold H for a moment and you'll be teleported back to the starting area (or the top of the tower if the water has risen too high).

Using this ability to carry and eat fruits, you need to replant them in strategic areas so that you can get to them later when the water level rises. Your other objective is to find various objects, such as blocks of cheese or a saltshaker, to build a climbable tower. To collect any of the large objects, just stand near it for a moment and both of you will be teleported Home.

The only things stopping your progress are thorns and the water level itself. Touching thorns will cause the birdman to scramble away, so you'll need to find a way to fly over them. While that's not much more than a barrier, the water is a bigger problem. You can't swim, so if your head goes below the water level you'll quickly begin to run out of air and drown. Fortunately, death is not permanent: you'll just be teleported Home.


Childlike, sketchy graphics
Everything looks like it was drawn by a little kid on notebook paper. I'm not complaining here: after all of these games trying for realistic graphics, it's refreshing to see a new style like this.

Vibrant, living world
Blueberry Garden is populated by a number of birds, plants and other wildlife. While you're busy looking for more objects, these creatures will be doing their own thing. It's not that unusual to plant a tree somewhere, then later find a small forest has sprouted and attracted a group of critters.

Quiet little game
Very little in this game poses a danger to your bird character. Even the things that do hurt you don't do anything more than send you back to your tower. In the meantime, the somber piano music provides a calm, but slightly sad atmosphere.

Sandbox mode
The Playground mode is a sandbox mode where you can freely play with all of the seeds and creatures the game's world has to offer. It's sort of boring honestly, but younger children might enjoy playing with it.


There's no save feature
While this game is only about 45 minutes long, you're pretty much forced to play it through in one sitting. This was more acceptable in the 1980s, but today it's more of an annoyance. Every time you start the game, you'll need to find all of the objects and plant seeds where you want them, since none of your progress will ever be retained.

Limited directions
There are signs throughout the game that show you the controls, but that's about all of the instruction you're going to get. Beyond that, it's not clear what your initial goal is or how you're supposed to reach it. It may take a few tries before the player understands what they are doing.

Concerns and Issues

Hidden message
Beating the game earns you a link to a secret page on the internet. This page is there to congratulate you and let you leave a comment about your success. Some of the comments might be inappropriate, as that's the nature of the internet, but that's hardly the game's fault.